One Way to Stay Up To Date with AWS Announcements

16 Sep 2020 - AWS

AWS releases dozens of updates every month. Staying up to date with the most relevant ones for yourself can be quite challenging. Here is a one of the technique I use to not miss important announcements.

RSS to the rescue

It publishes all their updates to one RSS feed called Recent Announcements. I usually add it to my Slack account, so I get notifications, history and I can quickly see all the new posts on a daily basis:

AWS Recent Announcements Feed
AWS Recent Announcements Feed

Bonus point (13 Nov 2020)

One more thing before ending this post: AWS also references all its blog articles in the following RSS feed : AWS News Blog. The posts are much more detailed than the above announcements, so it is difficult to read all of them. But it is a good thing to have them centralized in one place & be notified.